What we do

Custom Drones

We build custom and ready-to-fly drones which are fully autonomous and suitable for any application, research or industry requirement.

Example Custom Drones

All Fyl4Future drones are fully autonomous and customizable for any application and industry.


Solution for Swarming

Research Economy Drone Black

Economy Research Drone

Fly4Future’s Research Economy Flying Robot is a ready-to-fly fully autonomous solution designed to perform in real outdoor conditions, all at an affordable price.¬†Built with 5″ propellers, it can serve as an excellent starting kit for R&D initiatives, as well as educational needs.

  • Open software and ROS in Linux onboard PC
  • Modular HW
  • Onboard artificial intelligence
  • Powerful onboard processing
  • Onboard computer vision supported
  • Full autonomy in real-world outdoor conditions
How it works

Custom Drone Services

We offer a full chain of services in custom drone building with maximum attention to your research requirements and needs.

Custom Design

Custom drone design tailored to your needs.

3D Model

3D model to validate your design and requests.


Regular updates on the status of your drone throughout the whole process.

Testing & Visuals

Pictures and video to confirm that your drone is working.


Several options are available.

In addition to the open-source MRS UAV System, we also use fully-customizable hardware and software.

Always more

Additional Services

Onsite or Online Training

Knowledge is key to success, which also applies to operating your custom-built drone. We offer the possibility of onsite training at the place of your choice. Everything necessary is then demonstrated, including the best practices, safety measures, settings, and adjustment options.

Assistance with Research Experiments

We understand that having the full capacity to perform crucial research experiments can be a true challenge. In case your options are limited, we can help you with your trials. Demonstrations of your custom-built drone can be carried out directly onsite in a location of your choice or remotely, if necessary, in our facilities to push your research to the next level.

Custom HW/Sensor Integration

Any custom sensors can be integrated to enhance the functionality of the drone according to your needs. Does your research include specialized sensory equipment? We design and manufacture mounting solutions to ensure the optimal placement and stability of the sensor on the drone. Our integration process involves thorough testing and calibration to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the sensor data.

Discover our

Successful Custom Drones

Autonomous Drones Landing on Moving Vehicles

A unique solution designed for perception, control and trajectory planning enabling drones to precisely land on moving vehicles.

Drones for Inspection of Power Lines

We have designed an unique software for autonomous flying close to high voltage poles to provide an optimal point of view on required components of the infrastructure...

UAV Swarm for Desert Flight

A fully equipped research drone for multi-UAV (swarm) missions in harsh environments, such as deserts and forests.

Hexarotor UAV

Hexarotor Drone for Flexible Data Collection

A research hexarotor drone built for LAAS/CNRS in Toulouse for several different applications including mapping, tracking and general data collection

Asteroid Inspection with Drones

Custom drone developed for mapping in an asteroid inspection project testing space exploration methods.

3D indoor exploration

Drones for 3D Indoor Exploration

Custom drones suitable for 3D exploration and mapping of various indoor spaces with simultaneous object segmentation.

Agile Drones

We develop autonomous agile drones that stand out for their impressive speed, agility, and maneuverability.

F4F drone distributing buoys

Smart Sensory Buoy Deployable by Autonomous Drones

We have developed a water-specific smart sensory buoy, deployable by autonomous drones, and effective in different water conditions.

Custom drone X500

X500: Research Drone Inspired by the DARPA SubT Challenge Winner

Our universal research drone created for indoor inspections and mapping, was inspired by a DARPA challenge winning system.


What We Do

Custom Drone Builder

Custom Drones

We custom-build ready-to-fly fully autonomous drones that can be adjusted for any application and industry.

Development and prototyping

Development & Prototyping

We design and develop advanced autonomous aerial systems to meet the particular needs of our individual clients.

Research projects

Research Projects

We participate in many projects in various fields financed by the EU and Czech Republic, as well as private research institutions.