What we do

Drone Research Projects

We actively participate in drone research projects across various fields and are involved in both funded research projects and application-oriented projects. Our focus is on transferring knowledge to develop autonomous drone products.

Work With Us on Drone Research Projects

We cooperate with public and private research institutions, industrial stakeholders, and drone technology end users.

  • Publicly funded projects: EU, ESA, EDA
  • National funding agencies (e.g. TAČR, The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic)
  • Funding agencies of private research institutes
  • Fundamental research funding and application oriented funding covering TLR3-TLR9
  • SW and HW development and advanced platforms for research consortia

The research projects are focused on GNSS-denied flying, agile UAV motion, precise state estimation, motion, trajectory planning, and more.


What We Do

Custom Drone Builder

Custom Drones

We custom-build ready-to-fly fully autonomous drones that can be adjusted for any application and industry.

Development and prototyping

Development & Prototyping

We design and develop advanced autonomous aerial systems to meet the particular needs of our individual clients.

Research projects

Research Projects

We participate in many projects in various fields financed by the EU and Czech Republic, as well as private research institutions.