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Hexarotor Drone

A research hexarotor drone for several different applications, including mapping, tracking, and general data collection.

Drone customization

Autonomous drones have attracted attention from both the research and industrial communities in recent years. In many research areas, customization is a key requirement as it enables creativity and innovation.

In order to tackle real-world problems, novel and targeted solutions are often needed. Open-source, easy-to-use software systems are also essential for creating and using customised algorithms and tools. While the commercial drone industry provides compact and easy-to-use solutions, they often lack customization and use closed-source software.

The ability to add different sensors, like cameras, IMUs, and even simple robotic manipulators, opens the door to several research directions that are impossible with such commercial platforms.

Hexarotor UAV

Affordable hexarotor

Fly4Future has developed a customized hexarotor drone that uses open-source software and provides the flexibility of adding new sensors as needed, depending on the application.

The hexarotor drone uses easily accessible and often 3D printed parts, making it more affordable. 3D printed parts also decrease the time needed to repair a drone in the event of a crash, which is common in field experiments.


  • Mapping, tracking, and general data collection
  • With sensors like cameras and LIDARs –  highly accurate maps of the environment in a very short time
  • With small manipulators or sampling mechanisms – sampling large areas of land and water
  • In dangerous environments, like forest fires or damaged buildings (thanks to dispensability)
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Custom Drones

We custom-build ready-to-fly, fully autonomous drones suitable for your research needs.

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We design and develop advanced autonomous aerial systems to meet the particular needs of our individual clients.

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We participate in many projects in various fields financed by the EU and Czech Republic, as well as private research institutions.