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Autonomous Drones for Surveillance and Reconnaissance

A unique surveillance system of collaborating autonomous drones with integrated cameras for reconnaissance.


Drones in Surveillance and Reconnaissance

Surveillance plays a crucial role in various industries, not just critical infrastructure. It helps enhance security, safety, and operational efficiency in different settings such as monitoring traffic flow, and crowds at events, deterring criminal activities, and preventing vandalism or theft.

Using autonomous drones for security surveillance can be more efficient and cost-effective compared to traditional methods. Using autonomous drones for security surveillance can be a more efficient and cost-effective solution compared to traditional methods. Drones can cover vast areas in real-time, eliminating the need for a network of stationary cameras and personnel. Autonomously programmed drones can conduct drills and exercises, enhancing the testing of security measures and response plans. Additionally, drones can aid in running risk assessments by quickly identifying potential security risks and vulnerabilities from an aerial perspective.

Crowd monitoring

Autonomous drones can assist in monitoring crowds.


Collaborating Autonomous Drones from Fly4Future

In collaboration with our valued partner Axis Communications Fly4Future has developed a camera surveillance system integrated into collaborating autonomous drones. This system offers unique capabilities for security monitoring, especially in critical infrastructure settings such as airports or prisons. In this setup, smaller drones equipped with cameras perform regular perimeter surveillance tasks. These drones are connected to a security system and use AI-powered person detection technology to identify potential threats. 

Once a threat is detected, the information is relayed to the headquarters or another autonomous robot (UAV or UGV) for further investigation. The second robot can be deployed to investigate in detail, using features like speakers or strong lights to deter intruders. The entire process operates autonomously, enhancing efficiency and response time in security operations.

The Fly4Future drones are autonomously designed to collaborate with other robots developed by the VRAS group at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, CTU in Prague.

In detail

Advanced Autonomous Security System

The Fly4Future autonomous drones can function independently or in swarms, allowing them to guard perimeters based on pre-set flight plans or respond quickly to alarms. The integrated camera solution from Axis Communications enables video analytics software to run directly on the camera and transmit metadata seamlessly to the VMS system. This integration ensures that drone footage is displayed alongside other security cameras in control rooms, providing operators with a comprehensive view of the monitored area. Overall, this innovative collaboration offers enhanced security capabilities through advanced drone technology and intelligent surveillance systems.

A view from an onboard camera with recognition software.

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