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Drones for 3D Indoor Exploration

Custom drones for 3D exploration and mapping of various indoor spaces


Drones for 3D Indoor Explotarion

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in utilizing drones for indoor applications. Thus far, the majority of drone applications have traditionally focused on outdoor spaces, such as forests, fields, and construction sites.  However, advancements in indoor SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) and 3D mapping have sparked interest in exploring the potential of UAVs for indoor operations.

Drones excel in indoor environments due to their capacity to cover expansive areas more quickly than wheeled robots. Leveraging their aerial capabilities, drones can navigate through different elevations within buildings, creating accurate maps of diverse structures. This allows for efficient exploration and mapping of complex indoor environments. Furthermore, various types of drones showcase versatility by maneuvering through narrow spaces or challenging terrains like chimneys or stairs. These characteristics make them invaluable tools for tasks that may be difficult or even dangerous for humans to perform. Overall, these flying robots can bring potential benefits to various industries by enabling efficient exploration and mapping while ensuring safety and autonomy.


3D Mapping Drones from Fly4Future

The Fly4Future team has developed a range of solutions tailored to various conditions. In collaboration with the Technology Innovation Institute in Abu Dhabi (TII), they have created three custom drones specifically designed for exploring and mapping indoor spaces. Equipped with 3D Lidar and 3D cameras, these drones can accurately determine their position (localization) and map various objects within an environment by combining the data from both technologies. The cameras on these drones also have the capability to segment various objects into categories, such as walls and tables, in real-time. The incorporation of sophisticated technology enables efficient data collection and mapping during flight.

These custom drones offer significant mobility, enabling them to navigate through tight spaces or configure themselves differently based on the requirements of a particular mission. This flexibility sets them apart from humans or other robots that may struggle in similar scenarios. Their ability to quickly maneuver through various environments while collecting relevant data can be useful in search-and-rescue missions and help emergency responders locate people and evaluate dangerous scenarios.

3D indoor exploration

From Preserving Cultural Heritage to Saving Lives

Fly4Future’s solutions have great potential for sourcing rich 3D data about historical buildings and archaeological sites often located indoors. Utilizing innovative approaches for exploring indoor spaces with advanced technology allows for more efficient documentation of these significant locations than traditional methods. Overall, the use of flying robots indoors opens up a whole new level of research opportunities and practical applications. Drones can assist in tasks like inspecting infrastructure, monitoring hazardous areas safely, and collecting data for building maintenance and documentation. Industries such as architecture, cultural heritage preservation, engineering, facility management, security surveillance, and disaster response can benefit from the safety and autonomy provided by drones.

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