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Autonomous Waterproof Drones for Offshore Operations

A unique waterproof drone has been developed to supplement manpower in monitoring and inspecting oil rigs and cargo ships.


Offshore Operations Performed by Drones

One of the numerous applications of using commercial drones is pipeline inspection and infrastructure construction in the oil and gas industry. The main benefits could be listed as saving costs reducing downtimes, increasing safety, and achieving more accurate data collection.

In general, offshore exploration and operations are very costly. To provide more cost-efficient and safer solutions for everyday operations, drones are used to supplement manpower, especially in remote and hazardous locations. Drones have great potential to dramatically change various offshore operations, including cargo delivery to ships, autonomous monitoring and surveillance, inspection of ships, water surface monitoring, and cleaning of oil spillage.

Waterproof drone

Waterproof drones proved to be invaluable in oil rig inspection and maintenance.


Autonomous Collaborative Waterproof Drones from Fly4Future

Fly4Future has developed an advanced autonomous waterproof aerial robot, specifically tailored for offshore operations and near-water flights.

When it comes to ship inspections, waterproof drones have proven immensely beneficial. They can access areas that are difficult for humans to reach safely without requiring extensive scaffolding or rope access systems. By capturing high-resolution images or videos using specialized cameras or thermal imaging devices, drones enable inspectors to identify any structural damage or maintenance issues promptly.

Furthermore, combating oil spillage is a critical application where autonomous drones excel. With their ability to carry specialized equipment like absorbent materials or dispersants efficiently over water surfaces affected by oil spills while minimizing human exposure risks. Drones play an instrumental role in containment efforts by rapidly identifying spill locations through aerial surveys.

Waterproof drone

Autonomous waterproof drones proved to be invaluable in offshore operations.

In detail

Flexible Offshore Support Capability

The Fly4Future drone is waterproof and integrated with a distinctive cooling system to maintain the highest level of computational power onboard. Additionally, it offers advanced navigation and control capabilities, data processing and real-time analysis capabilities, a modular sensor set for customization, and algorithms for various missions. Moreover, the incorporation of floating gears further underscores the drone’s adaptability, enabling it to perform a range of tasks from emergency water landings to collecting water samples. As a result it is designed to handle challenging conditions such as landing on marine vessels, high winds, turbulent seas, and changing environmental conditions. The Fly4Future drone can also carry a special gripping device for the deployment of additional sensory equipment or other specific materials. This demonstrates our unwavering commitment to delivering bespoke solutions for the unique challenges faced by the offshore industry.

Fly4Future offers specialized development services that are designed to create distinct systems tailored precisely to offshore specifications.

Waterproof drone

The Fly4Future autonomous waterproof drone can land on marine vessels or water surface.


Our Drones at Work


The smart sensory buoy solution was developed within the Koldro project in collaboration with Eurosecur. The project was supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 101071270.

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