Drone Hunters in Critical Infrastructure Protection

Autonomous drone hunters for protection from unauthorized drones


Drone Hunters in Critical Infrastructure Protection

Transportation systems, government facilities, financial services, chemical plants, nuclear reactors, military bases. If targeted, these and other critical infrastructure sectors may collapse and incapacitate national security, economics, public safety and health. As drone technology advances, protecting critical infrastructure by using traditional security measures have become insufficient.

Unauthorized rogue drones acting alone or in swarms can easily capture sensitive information or attack critical infrastructure sites, causing destruction of property, physical injuries or even collateral damage. Drone hunters, intentionally designed as counter-UAVs weapons, are able to chase down various types of intruders. They may use net guns or, if necessary, destroy multiple attackers simultaneously by other means.

Drone flying above the forest with the multispectral camera

Drone hunters work where traditional security methods fail.


Autonomous Hunting Drones from Fly4Future

Fly4Future has created an autonomous anti-drone solution that uses advanced control and computer vision techniques for fully autonomous drone hunting.

This innovative system has a wide range of applications:

  • Defense for critical infrastructure like airports, government institutions, power stations, and stadiums
  • Security at public events by guarding against drone attacks
  • Prevention of contraband deliveries by drones to borders, jails, and prisons
  • Nonstop protection for individuals and families
  • Private protection against paparazzi drones and more
Drone hunter

Drone hunter detecting in persuit of an intruder.

The hunting drone is vital for anti-drone defense. It seamlessly integrates into an autonomous aerial intercepting system designed to detect helicopters in no-fly zones. By analyzing imagery from cameras and radio signals, the system can accurately distinguish between helicopters, birds, and other objects. If a hostile helicopter enters the no-fly zone, the system immediately detects it and activates the hunting drone. Equipped with a net gun, the hunting drone swiftly captures the enemy drone, neutralizing the threat.

The net stays attached to the defensive drone with a strong rope. This prevents the captured object from falling during transportation. The defensive drone can then safely remove the target and land it at a designated area.

Intruder in Net

Drone hunter captures the enemy drone.

Drone hunter onboard view

Drone hunter continuously processes updates on target’s position.

The hunting drone responds to alerts, autonomously flies towards the intruder’s estimated position, while processing updated position information. It uses onboard cameras and sensors to track down the hostile helicopter. Onboard artificial intelligence handles drone detection, classification, tracking, target trajectory estimation, movement prediction, and offensive maneuver planning.

Security critical applications can use the system solely in autonomous mode for faster maneuvers, although it is possible to activate the intruder elimination with the system’s operator confirmation.

Start Building Your Drone Hunter

Build your hunting drone with our custom-building tool DroneBuilder.

You will be able to:

  • Configure your drone exactly to your needs
  • Consult your configuration with our specialist for free
  • Use our expertise to find the right components
  • Perfect your drone design

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