About us

F4F Team

We are a young team of individuals passionate about robotics. Some of us are formal students and researchers from the Multi-Robot System Group at Czech Technical University in Prague (http://mrs.felk.cvut.cz/) with which we closely cooperate. Our primary focus is on autonomous UAVs (drones) and their applications.

An approach that matters

Our approach to teamwork includes a friendly, collaborative, and inspirational environment. We believe that fairness, transparency, and shared experience helps to grow both the members of our team and our company as a whole.

Our mission is to develop solutions that had only some years ago seemed impossible. We are always on the lookout for potential future innovations and other strategic partners who share our culture and motivation.


The F4F Team deals with cutting-edge industrial solutions for autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Our expertise has developed through many research and industrial projects related to robotics, such as indoor navigation, visual tracking, motion planning, UAVs swarms, and other related robotics fields.

We collaborate with customers who face unique tasks and challenges. Our expertise helps us to provide them with custom innovative solutions, even those never used before.

Commitment to mutual success 

Every project we take on receives great dedication and attention to detail. We welcome challenging tasks that require overcoming obstacles and creating new solutions as this helps drive our team forward.

We make every effort to treat our collaborators as part of the team and deliver a unique experience on their exciting flight for the future.

F4F Members

Vera saskova - CEO
Vera saskova – CEO
Martin Saska - CTO
Martin Saska – founder
Jiri Barnet - Business Development Manager
Jiri Barnet – Business Development Manager
Iva Kleiberova - Project Manager
Iva Kleiberova – Project Manager
Tomas Baca - Senior Software Developer
Tomas Baca – Founder
Martin Sramek – Senior Hardware Developer