Eagle.one – drone hunter

Development & prototyping of the autonomous drone hunter Eagle.one

Fly4Future in cooperation with CTU in Prague (http://mrs.felk.cvut.cz/) designed and implemented a complete solution of the drone hunter system from an autonomous take-off if an unauthorized drone is detected to a safe return with a trapped drone into a dedicated location and autonomous landing, including designing both HW and SW.

Fly4Future designed and implemented on-board artificial intelligence for the drone detection of an intruder, classification, tracking, movement prediction, and safe elimination. Target classification is done by on-board computer vision using neural networks. Eagle.one enables a safe capture of drones in no-fly zones and protection of private facilities from paparazzi drones and also defends critical infrastructure, government institutions, power stations, stadiums, and public events from drone attacks.

The system is aimed to protect airports, borders, jails and prisons from forbidden object deliveries by drones. For more details visit: http://www.eagle.one