DroneHub AUDROS – Autonomous drones in CBRN applications

DroneHub AUDROS is the demonstration project for the use of fully autonomous drones in security CBRN (Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) applications. The project is sponsored by European Space Agency (ESA) and European Defense Agency (EDA).

The system is based on the usage of fully autonomous drones. This means that after setting up the operating parameters, the operator no longer intervenes in their operation. Two applications were selected for the demonstration project. Applications for monitoring large-scale interventions – fires in industrial facilities, large-scale accidents, etc. and an automatic system for capturing enemy drones carrying potentially dangerous CBRNe cargo, spray substances, radioactive substances or explosives.

The project goal is the implementation of a fully functional solution in real conditions. The mounting of the sensors will be modular and industrially scalable for commercial production and application.