Development and prototyping of autonomous aerial systems

Dream of places, where drones can help you. We will get them there.

Fly4Future designs and develops autonomous drone systems specialized for the particular needs of individual industrial end-users.

Our solutions enable to deploy aerial robots in demanding outdoor and indoor workspaces. Using on-board artificial intelligence, advanced computer vision, predictive control and cutting-edge sensors and effectors, our aerial robots can be deployed close to obstacles in various tasks, including physical interaction with the environment.

We offer a complete chain from the proof of concept of the most innovative ideas in cooperation with leading universities, over the development of prototypes using state-of-the-art technologies, to the final product suitable for your business.

Examples of autonomous drone applications and their abilities

  • Autonomous reconnaissance and surveillance
  • Precision agriculture, animals’ localization
  • Security applications, convoy protection, pursuing moving objects
  • Aerial inspection of buildings’ interiors and industrial infrastructure
  • Inside inspection of pipelines, underground mines, caves
  • Autonomous take-off and landing on moving vehicles (cars, boats, trains)
  • Operation in GPS and GPS denied environment and transition between these environments
  • Precise control of unmanned systems using on-board sensor fusion
  • Environment mapping, scanning and 3D modelling
  • Cooperative deployment of multiple aerial robotic systems
  • Real-time planning and precise trajectory following
  • Systems for people and cargo autonomous transport

Example realizations – drone hunter

Development & prototyping of the autonomous drone hunter (more)

Mobile application for the control of autonomous drones.

We designed and developed a mobile application for the special… (more)

Indoor stabilization in factory halls and storages

A fully functional prototype of a system designed for the… (more)


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