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Universal System of Collaborative Drones

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The Fly4Future team was assigned the task of designing a cooperating network of robots and sensors that can operate on both water and land. The primary focus was on utilizing technology to overcome challenges posed by expensive, inefficient, non-ecological, or time-consuming conventional means of deployment. This is particularly relevant in dangerous or inaccessible areas where traditional methods are not effective or feasible. The ultimate goal was to create a versatile and reliable unmanned aerial platform that can successfully address various operational needs while ensuring safety, cost-effectiveness, environmental friendliness, and efficiency.

Main focus was on developing collaborating devices –  drones, a water device, and a ground robot. The purpose of this setup was to showcase how these devices can work together in synergy. As a result, we can present three applications:

Project Partners

Collaborative Drones

Forest Pest Control

The first collaborative application is a comprehensive system designed for forest management, as well as the detection and prevention of pest infestation. The Fly4Future team has developed two collaborative drones to efficiently survey large areas of land.

The drones work together to identify signs or indications of bark beetle presence. Forest managers are then able to quickly assess the level of damage in their forests. An early identification enables them to promptly implement treatment and prevention measures, minimizing potential losses. As a result, costs associated with pest damage are significantly reduced. Overall this proactive approach helps protect forest ecosystems and plays a crucial role in facilitating effective forest management practices by providing real-time data and immediate feedback.

Forest Inspection Bark Beetle Detection

Drone scanning forest for signs of bark beetle infestation

Forest Inspection Tree Marking with Paint

Marking drone applying paint on a diseased tree

Drone and watercraft cooperation

Water Quality Monitoring & Water Cleaning

The second cooperative application seeks to improve the management and operation of surface sources of drinking water by harnessing the capabilities offered by both drones and watercraft technologies. For this particular task, the Fly4Future team has developed a special waterproof drone equipped with floats and a custom gripping device to securely carry and extract special measuring buoys and other objects.

This drone is designed to work in conjunction with the autonomous ship called DROBOT – Catamaran. Cooperation between these two devices provides effective autonomous solutions for water quality monitoring, conducting inspections, and performing maintenance. You can find more information in our articles “Drones for Water Sampling & Quality Monitoring” and “Waterproof Drones for Marine Operations“.

F4F autonomous waterproof drone landing on a boat

Autonomous waterproof drone landing on a boat

F4F autonomous waterproof drone landing and taking off

Waterproof drone equipped with floats landing on water surface

F4F autonomous waterproof drone landing and taking off

Special waterproof drone equipped qith gripping device deploying a smart sensory buoy

Drone and ground robot

Disaster Monitoring

The third application is a unique concept that combines a drone and a smart sensory device (buoy). This joint approach aims to establish a comprehensive sensor network for monitoring controlled perimeters on both land and water surfaces. By leveraging the capabilities of the drone and ground multisensor, this system was specifically designed for environmental monitoring of water bodies, riverbeds, and adjacent landscapes.

Moreover, this innovative solution can also prove valuable in addressing natural disasters and conducting long-term monitoring activities related to them. In this specific project, the Fly4Future team has combined the collaborative autonomous drone system with multi sensor buoys. This integrated system represents an advanced technological solution for efficient environmental monitoring purposes in various settings. Read more in our article Smart Sensory Buoys”.

F4F autonomous waterproof drone landing on a boat

Autonomous drone equipped with gripping device


Our Drones at Work

Funded by EU


This project received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 101071270.

Project No: CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/20_321/0024436
Solution period: 1/2021 – 5/2023


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