What we do

Drone Development & Prototyping

We design and develop advanced autonomous drones. Our prototypes are built with methods and technologies that meet the particular needs of our individual clients.


Our Successful Drone Developments

Autonomous UAV swarm formation

Dynamic Cognitive Mesh for Drone Communication

We have created a dynamic cognitive multi-modal mesh for ad-hoc communication within extensive heterogeneous teams of multiple robots.

F4F autonomous waterproof drone landing and taking off

Waterproof Drones for Marine Operations

Fly4Future offers waterproof drones that are specifically designed to address the challenges of maritime and aquatic operations.

The Drone Hunting System

Adanced autonomous drone hunting system developed for one of Fly4Future’s clients presents a reliable and efficient solution for detecting and neutralizing...

DOFEC – the Fire Fighting Drone

Advanced autonomous drones capable of locating, tracking, and extinguishing fires with minimal input from humans.

Warehouse Inspection

Autonomous Drones for Warehouse Inspection

An adjustable, time and cost-effective solution for warehouse inspection using autonomous drones

Forest Inspection Bark Beetle Detection

Drones in Forest Inspection

We develop autonomous drone solutions for forestry. Drones for forest inspection, wood mass measurement, elimination of bark beetle and more.

Net deployment

Drone Hunters in Critical Infrastructure Protection

Advanced fully autonomous anti-drone solution to help guard airspace from rogue drones.

Drone laying bricks

Drones in Construction

We develop autonomous drone solutions for construction industry. Drones for construction site monitoring, inspection, and constructing tasks.

Drone for water monitoring

Drones for Water Sampling & Quality Monitoring

We develop innovative autonomous waterproof drones with floats for precise water quality monitoring.

Radiation-detecting Drone

Fly4Future offers a fully autonomous miniature drone with the ability to navigate and map unknown environments, locate radionuclide sources and map radiation...

Our Expertise

Be one step ahead and save your valuable resources with our expertise gained from years of research, development, and countless successful real-world experiments.

How it works

Development Services

We offer a full chain of services in drone development done with maximum attention to your requirements and needs.

Initial Analysis & Robotic Solution

Analysis of your initial idea and proposal of a robotic solution.

3D Model

3D model to validate your design and requests.


Regular updates on the status of your drone throughout the whole process.


Demonstration in real conditions at your premises.

Final Product & Manufacturing

Design of your final product ready for manufacturing.

In addition to the open-source MRS UAV System, we also use fully-customizable hardware and software.


What We Do

Custom Drone Builder

Custom Drones

We custom-build ready-to-fly fully autonomous drones that can be adjusted for any application and industry.

Development and prototyping

Development & Prototyping

We design and develop advanced autonomous aerial systems to meet the particular needs of our individual clients.

Research projects

Research Projects

We participate in many projects in various fields financed by the EU and Czech Republic, as well as private research institutions.