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Autonomous Waterproof Drones for Coast Guard & Maritime Security

Collaborative autonomous drones and boats enhance maritime safety.


Coast Guard & Maritime Security Drone Operations

When it comes to the sea, UAVs can assist in collecting weather data, analyzing chemical spills and gas leaks, and monitoring the movement of tuna for fishermen. Improvements in drone technology have enhanced the speed and efficiency of sea rescue operations. Drones offer a 360° aerial view, covering large areas quickly. Their embedded GPS systems quickly locate the place where help is needed, and thermal cameras capture live video images even in unfavorable weather. In certain projects, water and air-based drones cooperate to search large areas, alert authorities to people in distress, and offer basic assistance before search-and-rescue crews arrive.

Waterproof drone

Waterproof drones are extremely helpful in search and rescue or maritime security.


Autonomous Collaborative Waterproof Drones for Maritime Sector by Fly4Future

Drones play a crucial role in enhancing operations for the Coast Guard and maritime security.  In cooperation with autonomous boats, autonomous waterproof drones are introducing significant advancements to search and rescue missions, surveillance activities, and border patrols.

Fly4Future specializes in developing advanced autonomous boats and waterproof drone systems designed to respond rapidly to emergencies such as a person falling overboard. Our development prioritizes seamless collaboration between autonomous boats and drones via real-time communication systems and coordinated mission planning. This ensures efficient autonomous landing, even in rough wave conditions, thereby increasing mission effectiveness in challenging maritime environments.

In addition, the fast and agile flight capabilities of our drones allow them to navigate through high winds with ease, extending their operational reach. By integrating AI technology, these drones can swiftly detect objects in the water, aiding in identifying threats or assisting in search operations for people at risk of drowning.

Waterproof Drone landing on boat

Autonomous waterproof drones for maritime sector are designed by Fly4Future to collaborate with another autonomous device, in this case, a boat developed by Eurosecure in cooperation with Fly4Future.


Our Drones at Work


The smart sensory buoy solution was developed within the Koldro project in collaboration with Eurosecur. The project was supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 101071270.

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