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Autonomous Drone for Warehouse Inspection

A time and cost-effective solution for warehouse inspection using autonomous drones


Autonomous Inspection of Warehouses

Another potential application area for UAVs is inspection and supervision in industrial complexes. Some tasks are tedious and require regular attention, such as tracking items, determining the inventory, or maintaining machines and systems. Autonomous drones can streamline these inspections and minimize safety risks for employees. UAVs are designed to easily reach heights, so they can inspect storage and retrieval systems, sprinkler systems, skylights, and roof hatches. Moreover, high-resolution cameras can record small details, such as inspection stickers; the collected data can then be saved for long-term inspection documentation.

Efficient operations are crucial for distribution centers and warehouses. Minimizing downtime is key to maintaining customer satisfaction and revenue. However traditional methods of inspections like rope access or scaffolding are costly, time-consuming, and cause operation restrictions. Drones make warehouse inspections fast, cost-effective, and hassle-free. They can be used frequently without any major restrictions.

X500 - Universal Research Drone

Drones for warehouse inspection are a fast and cost-effective solution.


Autonomous Indoor Navigation System from Fly4Future

The Fly4Future team has created INEEGO, an autonomous drone for Aleego, a company that provides indoor inspection solutions for warehouses and other GPS-denied environments.

Its system allows for autonomous indoor navigation using a partially known map. The drone follows a predefined inspection path, however can be verified or adjusted by the end user before the mission. Furthermore, the drone navigates around obstacles using advanced onboard sensors, ensuring a collision-free flight along its predetermined path. The drone has the capability to carry a collision-tolerant frame if necessary, allowing the inspection trajectory to focus on critical areas such as AC pipelines, joints, and carrier beams. In addition, the software can also include barcode/QR code detection for added functionality.

The system functionalities have been successfully proven in real-world conditions, and the platform can be utilized for warehouse inspections, as well as inspecting industrial halls. Moreover, this solution is highly scalable, making it easy to add or remove sensors with just a simple software configuration adjustment.


Warehouse Inspection

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