Customized Platforms

We build a ready-to-fly fully autonomous aerial systems suitable for your research requirements.

Fly4Future builds UAVs and systems of multiple aerial vehicles suited for requirements of research teams at universities as well as private companies worldwide.

Our solution enables integration of a set of voice sensors into a ready-to-fly system accompanied by a realistic Gazebo simulator. To achieve a completely open and flexible research platform, our flagship products rely on PixHawk controller and ROS, but other systems can be integrated on request too.

The key components of the delivered systems include precise control, on-board mission planning, and multi-robot communication. The available aerial systems enable you to immediately verify your multi-UAV and swarm robotics research.

If required, we offer on-site training, assistance with experiments, and even carrying out your experiments with our hardware.

drones in a forest

Our ready-to-fly platforms can verify your research results in the following fields:

  • Swarms and multi-robot systems
  • Visual tracking, navigation, and learning
  • Deep learning and adaptive systems
  • Localization and mapping
  • Human-aerial robot interaction
  • Aerial manipulation, environment interaction and grasping
  • Indoor navigation and localization
  • Field outdoor deployment in demanding conditions
  • Tactile and Force Sensing
  • Heterogeneous UAV-UGV and UAV-AUV teams
  • Perception, on-board sensor verification, sensor fusion
  • UAV control and state estimation
  • Sensor and communication networks
  • Motion planning, path planning, and obstacle avoidance
  • Formation flying and group interaction
  • Agriculture, service, and industrial robotics

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