Custom Drone

X500: Universal Drone

A fully autonomous ready-to-fly drone based on the M690b frame



Fly4Future’s X500 is a universal drone suitable for indoor inspections and mapping.

Forest Inspection

22 mins

Flight Time

3.7 kg

Mass with Battery


1.0 kg

Additional Payload

Features & Application

  • Research in outdoor conditions with UVDAR and collision avoidance capabilities.
  • Research in dense, complex GNSS-denied environments, e.g. indoors, forests, caves.
    How it works

    Custom Drone Services

    We offer a full chain of services in custom drone building with maximum attention to your research requirements and needs.

    Custom Design

    Custom drone design tailored to your needs.

    3D Model

    3D model to validate your design and requests.


    Regular updates on the status of your drone throughout the whole process.

    Testing & Visuals

    Pictures and video to confirm that your drone is working.


    Several options are available.

    In addition to the open-source MRS UAV System, we also use fully-customizable hardware and software.


    What We Do

    Custom Drone Builder

    Custom Drones

    We custom-build ready-to-fly fully autonomous drones that can be adjusted for any application and industry.

    Development and prototyping

    Development & Prototyping

    We design and develop advanced autonomous aerial systems to meet the particular needs of our individual clients.

    Research projects

    Research Projects

    We participate in many projects in various fields financed by the EU and Czech Republic, as well as private research institutions.