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Autonomous, agile, and maneuverable drones for defense operations, surveillance missions, monitoring tasks, and more


Agile and Maneuverable Drones

Agile and maneuverable drones are revolutionizing various industries with their advanced capabilities and versatility. These drones are designed to navigate through tight spaces, perform intricate maneuvers, and adapt to changing environments with ease.

The agility of these drones allows them to fly swiftly and smoothly, making them ideal for applications such as aerial photography, videography, inspection of infrastructure, search and rescue operations, and even delivery services. Their ability to maneuver in confined spaces enables them to access areas that are otherwise difficult or dangerous for humans to reach.

Agiile drone

Autonomous Agile Drones from Fly4Future

Fly4Future, in cooperation with MRS CTU, has developed agile drones that stand out for their impressive speed, agility, and maneuverability. These drones are equipped with onboard motion planning and obstacle avoidance technology, making them reliable solutions for defense, surveillance, and monitoring purposes.

One of the unique features of these drones is their use of nonlinear model predictive control. This technology enables the drones to perform at an enhanced level, even in challenging real-world conditions with obstacles. By utilizing onboard sensors only, these drones are capable of fully autonomous flight.

In terms of performance, these drones can accelerate and decelerate at an impressive 8G. With a maximum speed of 216 km/h, they can swiftly navigate through different environments while maintaining agile maneuvers close to obstacles.

Agile Drone

Furthermore, Fly4Future’s drones excel in time and energy-optimal trajectory planning at high speeds. The fast replanning loop operates at a frequency of 100hz on a simple ARM processor. Despite this simplicity in hardware specifications, it takes into account nonlinear models and constraints for accurate trajectory adjustments.

Notably, Fly4Future’s agile drones perform acrobatic maneuvers like loops and upside-down flight for rapid descent in specific mission objectives or emergency situations. This versatility allows them to adapt to various scenarios effectively.

Overall, Fly4Future’s agile and maneuverable drones, equipped with onboard motion planning and obstacle avoidance technology, provide effective solutions for various applications, including defense operations, surveillance missions, and monitoring tasks.

Agile Drone

Our Drones at Work

F4F Autonomous agile drone performing at a high speed.

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