Components of autonomous UAVs

An autonomous UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or autonomous drone is an aircraft (usually a multi-copter) able to conduct a safe flight without the intervention of a pilot. The flight is controlled by an on-board artificial intelligence, which uses on-board sensors to detect objects in its vicinity and is able to perform its mission. The autonomy can be of different levels, varying based on the drone’s mission.

There is a significant difference from automatic operations, where the drone flies pre-determined routes defined by the drone operator before starting the flight. For an automatic operated drone, it is essential for the remote pilot to take control of the drone to intervene in unforeseen events for which the drone has not been programmed. Using of automatic flight modes (such as Attitude, Follow me or GPS hold) are also not considered as autonomous flights.

Fly4Future autonomous drones are intended for further research & development or for specific industrial / agriculture applications and follow all European legislation rules. Therefore all our drones are capable of conducting a manual controlled flight and immediate switch from autonomous mode to manual mode during a flight.

Multicopter Components: