Waterproof Drones

Waterproof drones for marine operations


Waterproof Drones for Marine Operations

Waterproof drones have revolutionized marine research by providing a non-invasive and cost-effective method for collecting data on the ocean environment. These drones enable researchers to study endangered species and ecosystems, leading to a better understanding of marine wildlife.  Additionally, they play a crucial role in disaster response, allowing for real-time data and imagery to quickly address issues such as oil spillage. Furthermore, these drones have positive impacts on waterway management, flood detection, dam safety inspection, and water quality monitoring. They also contribute to sustainable fishing practices by protecting fish, monitoring populations, reducing bycatch, and detecting illegal fishing activities. In small emergencies, these drones can provide valuable assistance.

Overall, waterproof drones can significantly advance marine research and environmental studies, benefiting both scientists and the ocean ecosystem.

Waterproof drone

Waterproof drones proved to be invaluable in maritime operations.


Waterproof Drones from Fly4Future

Fly4Future offers waterproof drones that are specifically designed to address the challenges of maritime and aquatic operations. These drones are equipped with floats that enable them to safely land on both water and hard surfaces, including the landing deck on a boat.  Crucially, this serves to enable the UAV to stay afloat without spending energy to hover, while offering an interface with the water surface to collect samples and perform measurements safely. In the unfortunate event of a malfunction and unexpected crash into the water, the floats ensure that the drone’s vital components remain unharmed and fully functional.

Our drone is also equipped with a waterproof on-board computer which can be cooled without any performance sacrifices.  This enables the UAV to push its on-board computing further to allow for advanced navigation, control, as well as advanced data processing and analysis in real-time. Moreover, the drone comes with a modular sensor set, providing flexibility in data collection and enabling customization based on specific needs.

Waterproof drone

The F4F autonomous waterproof drone is equipped with floats for smooth landing on both boats and water surface.

With our advanced algorithms, we also support landing on marine vessels for quick rendezvous and added ease of experimentation in large water bodies. In addition, these algorithms can land in high wind and turbulent seas with ease. The UAV is then able to react to changing conditions quickly and pick what is best for the mission. With this innovative combination of safeguard and bespoke computing capacity in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your drone is well-prepared to withstand any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during its mission.

Waterproof Drone landing on boat

The F4F autonomous waterproof drone lands effortlessly on a boat

F4F drone distributing buoys

The F4F drone is equipped with a special gripping device to securely carry and extract special measuring buoys and other objects.

F4F drone distributing buoys

The F4F drone flies close to the water surface and distributes special measuring buoys

Waterproof Drone landing on boat

The F4F drone deploying the special measuring buoy in a designated area


Our Drones at Work


The waterproof drone solution was developed within the Koldro project in collaboration with Eurosecur. The project was supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 101071270.

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