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We are a team of professionals who are passionate about artificial intelligence and robotics. We focus on the research and development of advanced autonomous drones and their applications.

Mission & Vision

Forming The Future Of Autonomous Flights

Approach Matters

We believe that fairness, transparency, and shared experience are key to our growth. In addition to having the support of a friendly and respectful team, we value a collaborative and inspiring environment.

Our mission is to create solutions for applications that might seem impossible and to always strive for potential future innovations.

Our Expertise

We develop cutting-edge industrial solutions for UAVs with great dedication and attention to detail.

Our expertise has continuously improved through numerous robotics-related projects, such as indoor navigation, visual tracking, motion planning, and UAVs swarming.

Mutual Success

We welcome strategic allies who share our values and vision.

We embrace challenging tasks that generate new solutions which drive our team and partners forward.

Together, we are forming the future of autonomous flights.

The company


We are a young company founded in 2017 in Ostrava, Czech Republic. The company has close ties to robotic scientists from the Multi-Robot Systems group at Czech Technical University in Prague, which is one of the leading robotics workplaces worldwide dealing with applications of artificial intelligence in advanced autonomous multi-robotic systems.

From the very beginning, Fly4Future has focused mainly on the research and development of methods and technologies required for autonomous UAV flight, the coordination of multiple UAS sharing airspace, and the construction of platforms for UAV research.

Fly4Future employs experts who are also robotics enthusiasts. Since its inception in 2017, the company has been involved with various activities in the field of advanced autonomous drone systems that meet the specific needs of our customers. The company bases its efforts on three pillars:

1. In the field of advanced autonomous drone systems, Fly4Future has been developing solutions that respond to the specific needs of many application sectors. The main focus is on the development and construction of custom drones for industrial or academic clients. The company builds and validates specialized, custom-made drones that are not available anywhere else in the world, thereby creating world-unique prototypes with high added value.

2. According to the client’s specifications, Fly4Future also engages in the research and development of methods and technologies in the field of unmanned aircraft. The solutions offered by Fly4Future enable the deployment of aerial robots in demanding outdoor and indoor environments. From “proof of concept” to the final product, the company offers complete services using the most modern technologies in the development of the prototypes of some of the most innovative ideas found in cooperation with leading universities world wide.

3. In addition to these efforts, Fly4Future participates in projects financed from Czech, European, and private funds focused on science and research in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence.

The company also supports education and promotion of science with a focus on robotics and artificial intelligence by organizing symposia and summer schools for world-leading scientists and students from around the world in the field of autonomous UAVs.

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