Indoor Inspection of Factory Halls and Storage in Pilsen

Pilsen is the fourth largest city in the Czech Republic and focuses on innovation technologies and smart cities platforms ( One of the ways Pilsen supports innovation is through the usage of drones. The city of Pilsen utilizes drones in integrated rescue systems and technical infrastructure inspections.

Indoor halls typically have steel construction and are full of different technologies, very often placed close to the roof or at high heights. To inspect everything would typically require climbing or building scaffolding. Both methods are costly, sensitive to safety, and require plenty of time.

For SITMP, we designed a fully functional sample, which allows a feasibility study of specified tasks and presents the functionality of the system in the form of a real demonstration. The goal was to make a fully functional prototype of a small shielded unmanned aerial vehicle designed for autonomous flights used in the structured indoor environments of large buildings.

The system uses on-board sensors for real-time localization and obstacle detection, as well as an external positioning system (light and easy-to-install indoor GPS) if required.

The system allows:

The use of our drone significantly reduces inspection time, cost, and increases safety. It allows us to focus on problematic parts, such as feuds or joins.

The main function of the developed solution is an autonomous or semi-autonomous regular inspection, stocktaking, security surveillance, etc. The system enables cognitive response to environment changes by using on-board artificial intelligence and advances sensory data interpretation.

The smart drone solution can be easily suited and modified for special needs of a large set of related applications and various environments and is ready to boost your business.